the nostalgia motel

Few things in life bring forth such nostalgia for me as the sight of an old motel. They just appeal to a simpler side of life and remind me of the days when travel was about the destination and not the place you were sleeping. Today it seems our expectations for luxury go far and wide. We want the best of the best – exotic locations with a five star resort, an in-flight movie with reclining seats and champagne for everyone. Don’t get me wrong. I am the first to book a room at the five star hotel with a stocked mini fridge and a bathroom you wouldn’t mind dying in – all at travelocity rates. But when I see a motel like this, it brings me back to days when I was happy to be away and even happier to have my family all to myself – building sand castles, playing skee ball and playing hours of sharks and minnows with my lovingly tolerant father.

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