With her fervent energy, she is back again.

Spring has been poised for weeks waiting for an invitation. She knows conditions have to be just right – warm sunny days punctuated by crisply cool evenings. And with that, she rolls out her limegreen carpet of pollen over the world for her specially selected guests to arrive, which includes the likes of bunnies and bumblebees and baby birds. She raises the bar of a frenzied pace to an all new high as she watches the orchestrated chaos unravel around her like the wind tussles a little girl’s hair in her breeze. She is a master at this music of life, love and rebirth. She knows what she is doing and we all love watching it.

Spring always looks to me like a lovely and well-planned event complete with vibrant colors and the most perfect party conditions. Everyone seems abuzz and flush with the energy of life. The pace is a little faster now; no more end-of-the-evening, slow dance embraces were doing through our quiet and lonely winter days. Suddenly, the gusts of wind rush into our souls as if to snap us out of our slumber, gently letting us land on a blossom as a reminder of the beauty of it all…reminding us to relinquish control, even if only for a moment.

Oh Spring, I am ready. I am ready to party and lose a little control with you again. I am ready to throw caution to your spring winds and let it all land gently where it may. I am ready to watch my fears blow away and be washed into the earth like the thick layer of thick dust and heavy clay they came from. I am ready for my new ideas to germinate into large oak trees that can withstand the winds and the doubts and the storms that come my way.

Oh yes, Spring. I am ready for you.


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