summer’s lessons

There is something I love about early June. the possibility and hope of summer shines through in the early morning grass reaching endlessly for the summer sunshine much like Michelangelo’s David reaches for the hand of God to breathe life into his innocent soul. Shortly after though, things change. The sun teaches us who is really in charge here with her powerfully oppressive rays and heat. As the skies withhold rain and hurricanes churn in the ocean just a short distance from here, I quickly become aware that I am not as in control of things as we would like to believe. It reminds me to enjoy those moments we are briefly handed  like being the backyard in early June without mosquitoes swarming my ankles and sweat springing from my pores like a leaky faucet. I look forward to the remainder of my days being spent in air conditioning, floating in the Atlantic ocean, treading water in summer’s swimming pools filled with crystal clear waters, and licking cold ice cream cones melting quicker than I can gobble them up. Because even though Mother Nature has won the war of the season, I can still find ways of my own to blissfully float in her wake.

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