For Bernice


The flowers are fading.

It happened too fast. The anticipation of the buds and waves of color overwhelm me with excitement after a long dark winter. And finally it’s here. The parade of color surrounds us with energy and life and joy. Bees buzz gently around them gathering vitality of their own. Everything seems perfectly balanced for a moment – the guests have arrived and the harmonies of music engage us all in the spirit of the moment. But surrounding the beauty around these fragile and brightly-colored petals, life carries on. There is shopping to do and kids to tend to and work to be done. Life buzzes along at a haphazard rate. Yet somehow it seems like those delicate pink blooms will be there with us forever.

But like most things, spring has to come to an end and make way for summer. The party has to finish to make room for the growth. The flowers are fading now. The bees have moved on to the next place the. The energy of life all around is fading, making way for something new. The beauty remains, but they are fading fast, growing fragile and more delicate by the day. They have lived a life too briefly. And then – as if in an instant – they are gone.

Gone in an instant. But never forgotten.


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