Looking Deeper

Metro Ride in Washington, DC.


I once had a friend ask me how I stayed creative when I never traveled anywhere for new inspiration.

I think I blankly stared at her for a minute or 2. I had a hard time articulating what it was about my life that made me feel creative and passionate.

You see, most of my days feel inspired and hopeful. Even the ones where my routine is precisely the same as it was the week before: Coffee. Carpool. Yoga. Work. Laundry. Errands. Carpool. Soccer. Guitar. Dinner. Bed. Somehow I still seem to find inspiration in the same things around me. Light transforms objects and makes the same, dull thing look miles more interesting than an hour ago (remember the studies of the great French impressionist Monet at the Rouen Cathedral? Lucky little me got to see some of those last week!). Somehow I wake up feeling that every day has the possibility for me to see something differently – creatively and personally. Each sunrise brings something new to my life.

I realize that I may be different. I have an optimistically hopeful streak in me that I rarely let people know about (please let’s never speak of this if/when we see each other). But watch the sky – 7:00pm looks different every day.  Maybe it’s just another sunset to you. But around you everywhere there are new things happening. In each moment, life transforms right before you if you look a little deeper. You just have to want to see it.

For me, adventures don’t have to be elaborate…inspiration doesn’t have to be sought out. It is right in front of me waiting for me to embrace it…everyday single day.



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