Tapping out


I am not known for giving up on things. Not jobs. Not friends. Not my laundry or my errands. But on occasion, I will listen to my heart and my soul and tap out of the game before a checkmate is called. I will quit the game midway. Maybe the rules changed on me somehow. Maybe my soul is depleted. Or maybe I simply need a break.

Today, I tapped out. My soul hurts. My heart has had enough. And my needs aren’t being met in almost every aspect of my life. So I shut down for an hour or more and stopped this match. I pulled the covers over my head and I slept. I shuffled around and looked at walls. I watched some TV. I looked at the sky filled with birds busy looking for their next meal or their gust of luscious wind to float them on to tomorrow’s adventure.

But for now, I am taking a break… just happy to sit back and have a rest while I watch and wait for my own little breeze to carry me on to the next big game.

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