Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day.

It is my 9th time experiencing this day as someone’s mother.

There was no breakfast in bed. There were no flowers on my nightstand when I woke up.  No coffee was made for me. There was no sleeping in. I was up at 7 AM to feed a cat and let two restless dogs go outside. Right now, I am doing laundry while the dishwasher silently hums along in the next room. I have sheets to clean, laundry to fold, grocery shopping to do and dinner to make. We have no fancy brunch plans with the family or dinner plans right now. It’s just me and him. Quietly doing what we both do.

But today, I got this note – a love note from my son. He needed help with finding the right paper. He wanted scissors and glue. He needed a pencil sharpener and a quick, encouraging hug when he got frustrated with the tape. His efforts were grand for such a gesture. He made 4 cards until he got it right – and just the way he wanted it.

And with this little gift – this tiny gesture of gratitude and love – I can keep forging ahead through piles of laundry, dishwashers filled with chipped glasses and marked plates, and shopping bags filled with dried pastas while sifting through the complexity and the worry and the wonder that only being a mother can bring.





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