Dear Baby Vee,


Dear Baby Vee,

Welcome to the world, beautiful girl! We have all been waiting to meet you for such a long, long time. Days went by that we would all dream of the exact moment we saw your face. We toasted you before you were even in this world. We sat up late nights talking about your pink skin and tiny fingers while we dreamed of what it would be like to hold this soft-as-a-lamb’s-ear baby in our arms through the long, dark hours of the night. You cannot imagine how much love and anticipation there was for you before we all heard of your arrival on that dark night at the end of May.

I was lucky enough to meet you. Lucky enough to hold you and talk with you through the night this Friday. It’s not the only time I will do this, but sometimes the first time is so special. There is nothing like it in the world. It is a moment I can only hope I get to see you experience as you grow and change and navigate your way through this crazy and confusing big wide world.

I am honored to be your Godmother. It’s not something I take lightly. So today, I want to give you some advice that I have gathered along the way. One day, it will all make sense. I hope you get to read it sometime.

Please know that you are special. You are unique. Realize that you are a gift and that you have gifts to give. Search for your gifts and find them early. They will unlock the box to happiness. They are the key to overcoming doubt, regret or anxiety. Fall back on this always.

Don’t ever doubt that you are beautiful. Ever. You are beautiful because you are you.

Understand that by the nature of living where you live and being born into a 1st world country that you are privileged. Don’t take that for granted. We live amongst the wealthiest and most fortunate people on the planet.

Travel. See some place other than where you are right now. It will open so many possibilities. It will open your mind.

Know that love can heal a lot of wounds. Whether it is given or received. Be both the giver and the receiver.

Find faith in something. Yourself. A higher power. Your family. Know that this will get you through some very dark times.

Eat joyously. But with moderation.

When you are finally in charge of it, take care of your body. It is the best thing you will ever be given. Exercise. Brush and floss your teeth. Take care of your skin. Wear sunscreen. Eat vegetables. And fruit.

Look forward in life. Not backwards.

Don’t be afraid to learn from your mistakes. You will make them. They are what teach you.

It’s okay to be afraid of things. But don’t let fear paralyze you. Let it catapult you into doing something you never thought you could.

Love completely. Even if it means getting hurt at some point. Love things with your whole heart. Don’t ever stop. Know fully and without a doubt that your parents love you like this.

Laugh as much as you can. But cry when you have to.

Most of all, know with your heart and your soul – from the tips of your toes to the tippy top of your head -  that you are loved. By me. And lots and lots of other people too.

Set a goal. Do something big. Win that trophy or finish that race. Get that degree. Always have something you are shooting for.

Mostly though, live with the knowledge that you are loved as you are. Right here. Right now. And never doubt it…


Auntie Libby





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Kima - Big tears! Thank you for being so deeply beautiful we are all very lucky to have auntie Libby in our lives! Love you.

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