Darkness to Light

When darkness turns to light, something amazing happens if you let it – you wake up. Not in the eyes-half-shut-stumbling-to-the-bathroom feeling that you have most days. Instead, if you listen in the stillness, you hear things you may well have never heard before. A rooster. A tree frog chirping. A drum beat through the field. The hum of traffic in the distance. The world is waking around you as it does everyday in it’s usual way – beautifully stretching out her arms to embrace YOU…just as you are right now.

When you wake up to the day in front of you and an open mind and heart, every day is like a gift. Every day, you are can be certain that you are exactly where you are meant to be at this moment. Good or bad. Happy or sad.

And suddenly, it feels like you can finally stretch out and breathe again into the person you are about to become, smiling all the time and laughing all the way there and taking in the glorious life all around us. And remembering just how fortunate you really are.


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