Practice Makes Perfect


Changing your perspective can be a challenge. I spend many days trying to alter the way I have been programmed to see this big wide world we live in. I work tirelessly on seeing things differently – my world, other people…mostly myself. It is a daunting task that takes practice and discipline that I seem to lack. I always seem to find a way to slip into the same uncomfortable mindset I acquired along the path of my life.

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective. Instead of forcing ourselves to see things the way they are “supposed” to be, why can’t we see things as they are in front of us. Why don’t we work tirelessly on acceptance rather than change? Is it because we want desperately for things to carry the familiarity of what we perceive? Or is it because we are afraid of the change they might bring into our lives, threatening us with something new and different? Is it that we are just afraid to take that next step to change our own perspective?

This month, I had the chance to visit Indonesia. I was asked to do a photoshoot at a resort in Bali for a yoga retreat a friend of mine was running. It was an opportunity I simply couldn’t pass up – as impractical as it felt for me at the time. Everything fell meticulously into place for this trip – the tickets weren’t too expensive, the timing worked out just right with another trip I had planned, and I even had childcare lined up for my 9 year old. There were so many forces that aligned up that made it almost impossible for me to say no to this adventure.

But truth be told, I was terrified to go. I was afraid of what I didn’t know. I was daunted with the unfamiliarity of a culture and a place I knew nothing about. But mostly, I was afraid of being exposed – out in the world with no shield of family and no protection of the familiar. It was just me facing myself and the demons I carried so close to my heart for so long.

Somewhere along my path during this trip, my perspectives shifted. My heart opened. My head cleared. The weight lifted. Whether it was the accomplishment and success of traveling alone in a new country, the fact that I conquered 4-6 hours of yoga practice a day for a week, the visit with the healer, or the mind-opening and embracing culture I just visited, there is something different about the person I have become. Something fresher, lighter and with more hope. But it took a lot of work. A lot of sweat and tears. And a whole lot of courage to get me to this spot today. It took a lot of practice.

And practice is what I will continue to do. Practice. Practice. Practice.


And that is as perfect as anything could hope to be.



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