Simply thankful

A multitude of choices. And a little offering of gratitude.


We live in a world of choices. Cream or sugar? Chocolate or vanilla? Now or later? Up? Down? Sideways? We have been given so many options in our lives, I think we sometimes get used to the fact that there is nothing but choices and options for us.

While I think options are a good thing, I cannot help but remember options seem to be left for the very fortunate. During my visit to Bali this month, I asked a lot about the culture while I was there. (I went to the country knowing literally nothing about it besides what I had heard or seen on TV or through the musical South Pacific that my high school boyfriend played a swoontastic soldier.) As I dug a little deeper, I realized that the options in a place like Bali are limited for their very poor country. There is a┬ácaste system that you are born into. The lowest caste – the Shudras – are peasants who make up than 90% of Bali’s population. The options for these people are limited. They don’t have a choice of career, a choice of cuisine for dinner or a choice of healthcare. They get what is given to them and are somehow grateful for it all. Happy for the food on their plates. Happy for the work they have. Grateful to be alive another day.

In a world of options, it’s easy to forget the simple act of gratitude. I know there are moments in my life of luxury I have been wanting more of what everyone has – a nice boat, a bigger home, more trips around the world to more exotic places – instead of pausing to be grateful for the things I DO have. I have a lovely home with power and running water. I have a healthy, well-educated child who is kinder and more empathetic than most adults I know. I have an endless variety food at my disposal any moment I wish for it. And yet, there are moments I completely forget to sit and be simply thankful.

So today, I am thankful. Thankful for my food and my home and my child. Thankful for my family and my friends that I missed while I was away. I am grateful for my strength and my courage and my body that I was given. I am thankful I was born into this fortunate life of love. I am simply thankful for life.

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