ten years


This is what 10 years looks like. Ten years of love. Ten years of joy. Ten years of worry and wonder and wishing.

Sometimes, ten years can seem like an eternity. But this is different. This time went by in an instant like sand just slipping through my fingers. Somehow the more I try to hold on to this elusive time with you, the quicker it seems to pass. I blinked and you were 3. I slept late and you turned 8. I turned my back for a moment to check the setting sun, and now you are 10.

If I could pause these moments of wonder with you, I would. But instead, through these fleeting moments in life, I will be honored – honored to be your mother and your friend and your teacher. I will be honored to guide you to be the most amazing person I have ever met. I will watch as you grown and learn and discover yourself and how you and that kind heart and caring, compassionate soul fit into that big, dark, messy world out there. And I will always be here to pick you up when you fall, bandage the bruises and send you back into battle, full of the character that some adults seem to chase down like the elusive white whale for the entirety of their lives.

And all the while, I will sit in amazement while I watch and wonder how ever did I get this lucky?
Happy Birthday, little big man. I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years have in store for you.

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Alex - Beautiful words and picture Libby :)

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